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The winter season always brings snow, the tricky part is knowing and planning for exactly when it will come. Snow is fun and majestic, but to some business owners, it is a big stress. Being prepared for winter and having a snow management plan is the key for businesses to succeed during winter months. Prior to the arrival of a winter wonderland, every business affected by snow should have a contract for snow removal services in place, effective through the end of the season. Let’s take a look at the reasons why your business needs snow removal services.

Tricky Timing Snow

You have enough to worry about with your business, anxiously tracking weather patterns shouldn’t be your concern. Your snow removal team is always following the storm, often working through the night just to make sure your business is clear of snow and ready for customers when you open. You can enjoy your Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, or just your warm cozy bed, while our team is taking care of your business.

Winter Boots

Help Prevent Accidents from Happening

Slipping accidents are more prominent during the winter season. If a business owner is negligent, the snow could cause an unwanted accident. Snow removal is a must to be included, in the checklist, during the winter season.

Everyone has experienced slipping in the snow. Snow removal helps prevent those unlucky falls and slips from happening by clearing the path and making sure that it’s safe for one to walk through it. You should be aware of the risk snow poses to everyone’s welfare and that injuries are a big no-no. For that reason, snow on your business property must always be taken care of.


Imagine going to your favorite restaurant just to see that there’s a pile of snow all over its pathway. Or trying to access your storage unit, but you can’t get through the gate. Customers will turn away and take their money elsewhere if they can’t easily or safely access your business. No one wants to walk through the snow just to reach their favorite restaurant. Snow removal on the pathway makes one’s business welcoming to people or customers. And most importantly, reduces the chance of slipping.

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Avoid Getting Sued

No one wants to talk about it, but it is a real risk, doing a great job in snow management means you have less of a risk of getting sued. As a business owner, if your customer slips or gets an injury while on the property, you’re at risk of a lawsuit. Getting sued or maintaining snow removal, the latter for sure is the best choice.

Snow Removal Professionals

Does your business need snow removal services? If that’s the case, don’t worry and leave it to us! Green Blades has crews of field employees who are well equipped, skilled, and with support from our office staff are ready to clear the snow on your property. We’ll take care of everything from the parking lot to the sidewalks and entryways of your business. 

For more information about our snow removal services, please contact us through our contact page. Nothing’s more fulfilling to us than meeting and satisfying our customer’s needs, maintaining our good reputation of over 15 years serving the Treasure Valley, and taking care of our fellow Idahoans.