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Lawn Mowing

Let’s face it, you have a million other things you would rather do than worry about your lawn. Let us take care of your lawn mowing needs!

Lawn Mowing Service in Nampa, Idaho

Lawn Mowing Season in Nampa, Idaho

Our mowing season begins around the end of March or first of April and halts near the end of October or first of November when grass starts dormancy. It is never too early, or too late to get on the routine mowing schedule. Give us a call and we will get it setup.

What to Expect with our Lawn Mowing Service

During the mowing season, our crew will show up to mow your lawn on the same, previously determined day, each week. Our crew will be in and out so quick that you’ll hardly know they were there. You don’t even need to be home. After they mow and trim, our crew will blow off your walkways and bag and haul away the grass. The only evidence will be a beautifully manicured lawn. 

Save Time

It is not an easy feat to care for and maintain your lawn throughout the year. Save your time and energy for other things you would rather be doing and let us handle it for you. When we mow your lawn, you can expect that it will be cut consistently and routinely to the optimal height without you ever having to give it a second thought. 

Reduce Weeds on Your Lawn

Our crews are trained to cut your lawn to the optimal height for the type of grass that you have. Consistently cutting your lawn to the proper height can help prevent opportunistic weeds from crowding out your grass. These weeds cannot germinate when the grass’s height is high as the sunlight can’t reach them to germinate. When your lawn maintenance and mowing are done right, you are taking steps towards a more full, healthy, and lush lawn.

Professional Lawn Mowing

Aren’t you tired yet of mowing your lawn every week? We would love to come out and and take that task off your busy plate!

Green Blades has seasoned crews that will safely and professionally manicure your lawn. It is as easy as one phone call. We have the right equipment that will work best on your lawn and will take care of your lawn like it was our own. 

As our crews see lots of lawns and are well trained, if we see problems that you might not be aware of, we’ll offer suggestions for other lawn care services that your lawn needs, but will never do the work without your permission.

Green grass and straight lines, our view all day everyday in Nampa, Idaho!

Reach us through our contact page or call 208-860-2885.

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