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Bush Trimming

Shrubs and hedges grow bushes that significantly help beautify your lawn. However, bushes can overgrow and become problematic if you’re unable to trim them. With Green Blades’ bush trimming service in Nampa, Idaho, we can help restore their beauty!

Bush Trimming Service in Nampa, Idaho

Unwanted Bushes on Your Lawn

Overgrown bushes are not to be desired and must be dealt with regularly by trimming. Aside from overgrown or dense bushes, there are also infected or dead branches that should be removed or trimmed from your shrubs. Unwanted branches consume your shrub’s energy that could have been used for plant growth. If left untrimmed, it could also kill your shrub as infection can spread all over the plant.

Lawn Shrubs and Bush Trimming

When we trim, we remove overgrown bushes, infected or dead branches on shrubs and hedges to increase the amount of moisture and light the plants can receive and to promote a healthier shrub. By doing so, your shrubs and hedges would be able to live a longer life all the while making your home and property aesthetically pleasing to the neighborhood.

Green Blades’ Bush Trimming

If you’re dealing with overgrown bushes on your lawn, don’t hesitate to ask us! Trimming your lawn’s overgrown bushes is a task we can do for you. Green Blades has the right equipment and experienced staff for trimming bushes. You can expect us to bring your shrubs and hedges back to their former glory. Our crew will also handle your plants carefully to prevent unwanted damage to your bushes. For more information on our bush trimming service and other lawn care services, contact us.

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