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Achieving a healthy, vibrant lawn is difficult when you have a layer of organic material known as thatch, accumulating on your lawn. Don’t wait till’ it creates problems. Trust our dethatching service for your lawn in Nampa, Idaho.

Lawn Dethatching in Nampa, Idaho

Lawn Thatch Layer Maintenance

The thatch layer which consists of living and dead plant materials is found around the base of your lawn’s grass. It generally works mutually with your lawn by moderating the soil’s temperature and retaining its moisture. When neglected, it can wreak havoc on your lawn by promoting lawn diseases and insect infestations. What’s more, the dead buildup that lays on the surface of the soil makes it difficult for necessary air and other nutrients to penetrate the soil, suffocating your lawn.

    Dethatching Lawn

    Dethatching is an excellent way to bring your lawn back to life! This service will enable your lawn to breathe and receive the other necessary nutrients that it needs. This will give you a much greener, healthier, and a more lush lawn that’s going to make your neighbors awe.

    Experts in Lawn Dethatching

    If your lawn is in need of a dethatching service, Green Blades have the equipment that takes care of that. In some conditions, our crew would also suggest aerating your lawn. We do it by taking a core sample out of the soil. We’re then able to evaluate the soil’s condition with that core, giving us an idea about how your lawn is holding on and what other actions to take to bring it back to life.

    Don’t let your lawn’s thatch choke out your lawn! Take advantage of our dethatching service and rest easy as we handle your thatch problems. Contact us now!

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