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Fall Winterization

Get all the water out of your sprinkler system before winter hits. Include it on your fall weatherization list to help avoid chaos that’ll end up destroying your lawn sprinkler system!

Fall Winterization Service in Nampa, Idaho

Time to Winterize Your Lawn

Preparing for winter will always be an annual task for each one of us. Just thinking about winterizing your lawn is stressful in itself. Aside from doing a final mow, there’s still the aeration, fertilizing, dethatching, anything that your lawn needs before the winter sets. Forgetting even one particular thing can take a huge toll on your lawn. When it’s your irrigation system, you’re up to a really bad ending and start of a new year for letting winterization slip your mind.

Importance of Winterizing Lawn

The aftermath of not winterizing your sprinkler system could result in flooded basements, window wells, and a lot of damage to your property. To avoid the inevitable cold from breaking up your sprinkler system, our fall winterization service is available for you. To prepare your lawn, your sprinkler system, and your home when winter has come.

Professionally Winterized Sprinklers

Green Blades has been serving Nampa, Idaho and its surrounding areas for over 15 years. Our trained crew would be happy to winterize your sprinkler system so that you will have one less problem to think in the winter. When spring comes, it will be ready again to breathe life unto your lawn.

Getting ready for winter will be easy and stress-free! We will help ensure that your sprinkler system is winter-proof and is ready for the long winter ahead. Contact us for more information.

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