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Looking for a major makeover of your lawn, just need some gravel leveled, or topsoil brought in? Determining what type of soil you need and how much is just the start! Adding topsoil and grading your lawn is just one call away.

Topsoil/Grading Service in Nampa, Idaho

Topsoil Is Important

Grass and plants in your yard require nutrients to sustain their development and growth. These nutrients help your plants not only develop healthy vibrant leaves, but also a strong and deep root structure that will help your lawn fight off diseases and prolong the plant’s life. Some parts of your lawn may need your attention for adding topsoil.

Considering Topdressing

When you’re planning on putting in a new lawn, you need to check if the topsoil is suitable for the results you are looking for. If there’s already an existing lawn and you just want to remedy some parts, then that is also an option. Without proper preparation and knowledge, you may end up damaging your lawn and wasting a lot of time and money.

Add Topsoil With Topdressing

There are several reasons that will make you consider topdressing. They are best identified as the following:

  • Sunken holes on your lawn as byproduct of tree roots or other means that causes tripping hazards or water puddle
  • Spots or patches of dead or dying grass
  • Parts of your lawn have a overgrown thatch layer

Topdressing is the process of adding a layer of topsoil to your existing lawn. To achieve a great-looking lawn, you should also have aerated and dethatched the area before topdressing.

Reliable Topdressing and Land Grading

When you’re just starting a new garden or if your existing lawn is in need of some topsoil, call us, we would love to help! Our equipment and professional staff in landscaping and lawn care will take care of your topsoil problems.

Aside from incorporating topsoil to your new or existing lawn, we also provide land grading services for your landscaping needs. If you just moved into a new property and are looking for a solution to level your soil, then our professional landscaping crew could assist you with that!

For more information about our lawn care and landscaping services here in Nampa, Idaho, contact us!

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