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Sprinkler Installation & Maintenance

Properly installing and maintaining a sprinkler system will help you attain a healthy and vigorous lawn. Without a lawn sprinkler system, overwatering or underwatering or even just watering can become a regular problem that you just shouldn’t have to deal with. Let us handle your sprinkler installation & maintenance needs in Nampa, Idaho!

Sprinkler Installation & Maintenance Service in Nampa, Idaho

Importance of Proper Watering

Watering is the most important part when caring for your lawn. It can be considered an easy task but without properly accounting for the weather, your soil conditions, and water times, you may accidentally overwater or underwater your lawn, resulting in unwanted problems. You’ll know that you’re overwatering when you observe the following on your lawn:

  • Your lawn isn’t as lush or dense as it should be
  • Your grass roots will rot and become soft
  • Weeds start sprouting and crowding out your lawn
  • Insect infestations become evident as the overwatered thatch layer is a paradise for bugs and pests
  • Patches of mushrooms start to grow

Sprinkler Installation to Your Lawn

To overwater your lawn is just as easy as it is to underwater. Lawns can be underwatered when they don’t receive enough water for growth. When that happens, you’ll typically observe the following happening on your lawn:

  • Grass won’t spring back after being stepped on
  • Soil becomes dry, distracting beneficial microbial activity
  • You’re mowing less often due to the slow growth of grass blades

Installing a lawn sprinkler or irrigation system helps deviate those problems while making sure that you don’t have to lift even a finger to water your lawn.

Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance

It’s good to note that irrigation systems consume less water than manual watering which adds more reason to install one. With Green Blades’ sprinkler maintenance service, we will make your sprinklers efficiently water your lawn for full coverage. Efficient watering not only promotes strong grass root development and beauty on your grass, but will also ensure that you’re not overwatering or underwatering your lawn.

    Experts in Sprinkler Repair

    If you’re in need of a sprinkler installation service, ask us! Our crew is trained to install sprinklers and knows the type of sprinklers that would fit your lawn’s watering needs. If you already have an irrigation system and just need a sprinkler repair or maintenance, we would be happy to assist you with that! We will make sure that it is always in tip-top shape, distributing the optimal amount of water for your grass. For more information regarding our sprinkler installation & maintenance service, contact us.

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