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Oftentimes, your lawn will tend to overgrow and cover some parts of the concrete on your sidewalks and curbs. This is commonly overlooked when maintaining a lawn, but makes a big difference in the overall appearance of the job. By edging, we will make your home standout from the rest of the neighborhood!

Trimming/Edging Services in Nampa, Idaho

Edging the Sidewalk and Curbing

When your lawn takes over the sidewalk and curbing, it might not be super obvious but it does negatively impact your home’s appeal. To alleviate this problem, Green Blades is set to trim and edge the sidewalk and curbing of every lawn we mow. Our trimming/edging service is a great way to beautify and improve the aesthetic of your lawn.

Edging Does Wonders

Having a professionally done edge on your sidewalks and curbing will surely make your lawn and your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. And that’s just from trimming and edging, there’s so much more that can be done!

Professional Curb Edging

Do you have any issues with lawn overgrowth? If you want a nice edge on your flower beds, we would gladly help you out!

Our skilled crew uses trimmers and string line trimmers that are superb in getting the edges where mowers can’t reach. We will provide not only a nice crisp and bladed edge on sidewalks, but also on curbing to prevent any overgrowth.

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