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Lawn Rejuvenation

Maintaining your lawn can be a strenuous task, especially when you’re not quite certain how to handle it. Whether its a new lawn, or an old worn-out lawn, Green Blades has the tools and know-how to turn your lawn into the envy of the neighborhood with our lawn rejuvenation service!

Lawn Rejuvenation Service in Nampa, Idaho

Restoring Lawn From Problems

Even the most healthy and vigorous lawn can have problems start to pop-up. Over watering, under watering, insects like pesky billbugs, hot summer heat, or too much shade, all can play a major role in the health of your lawn. 

Rejuvenating Your Lawn

With Green Blades’ landscaping professionals, your sod can be restored and revived to its former glory. If you think it shows signs of yellowing, browning, or weakening, our lawn rejuvenation service is just what you need. 

Professional Lawn Rejuvenation & Restoration

Rejuvenating your sod is a task that should be handled by your trusted local lawn care company. With Green Blades, you can rest easy and let our crew handle your problem. With trained and licensed people, knowledgeable in lawn care and landscaping, reviving your lawn is a delicate process that you can be confident to leave to us.

It is not an overnight process (unless you choose to start over with a fresh roll of sod), but we will lay out a custom program for your lawn, we will keep a close monitor on the status of your sod so that your lawn will look gorgeous and vigorous again.

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