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“When thinking about lawn care at the beginning of the season, it’s really important to first address any sprinkler issues that are going on. You want to be able to look at any potential breaks that may have occurred over the winter. And so, you don’t have any surprises during the night when you’re watering. Water is typically going to sit in the lowest part of the sprinkler system in the line. And with cold temperatures, it’s going to expand and it’s going to push the pipe beyond its ability to hold out water. Ultimately, it’s gonna crack the pipe. And so, those are the things that are undetected. That’s what you can’t see what happens below ground. And, without a thorough investigation, without a thorough evaluation of the sprinkler system, once irrigation comes on, you’re not gonna know that. And we have seen issues where people have flooded basements, flooded window wells, caused a lot of damage to property without a thorough investigation. And so, that’s key to a spring startup, is going through your system looking for any potential problems and save you the pitfall of what could happen. “